DMCA/Report a Violation

Please Note that we do not host any songs/video they are found from other websites. To actually remove your copyrighted material first approach those websites.
If you want us to remove any of your copyrighted material then do following in a properly written mail.

Clearly mention the URL where your copyrighted work is located.
Clear proof of evidence that you own the copyright to said content or evidence that you are a representative of the person/company owning the content.
Proper DMCA Sworn statements.
Allow us 1 to 7 business days to remove the material or react to your mail.
Also note that taking any other route of communication will only delay the process as all the messages are forwarded to the mail below so directly contact us on the following e mail address:

Contact :-

Due to the nature of the business, we mention a lot of third parties. All those third parties or whoever they are, they own their trademarks and we have nothing to do with it. All the text information on the website is just to inform users.